The Hazelwood

The Hazelwood - Melissa Albert You know when you hear EVERYONE and their cat talking about a book and then you get the chance to read a copy? That was me. I was legit like But did this suffer from overhyped? Seventeen-year-old Alice and her mother have spent most of Alice’s life on the road,… Continue reading The Hazelwood


#LoveThisQuote – Princess Diarist

I guess it was all going just a little too well If I wasn't careful, I'd be happy pretty soon. Carrie Fisher (The Princess Diarist) I've been sat on this book for too long and this, along with a few other lines really jumped out at me. I don't know how I feel about this… Continue reading #LoveThisQuote – Princess Diarist

leah's stupid life

What Leah Wore: grl pwr

Hello and welcome to another edition of What Leah Wore, a very infrequent feature where I show off stuff I've worn if it's at all relevant. I pride myself in being the sort of person who has a t shirt for every occasion. Going to see a Marvel movie? Check. World Book Day? Check. International Women's… Continue reading What Leah Wore: grl pwr

The Read List

February 2018

For such a short month, February had a lot of stuff going on! This year I really want to spend more time socialising with friends and if the rest of the year is anything like this month, I think I'll succeed! I got together for buds for Games Nights, cinema trips, far too many lunches… Continue reading February 2018


The Taste of Blue Light

A taste of blue Light - Lydia Ruffles When Netgalley sent me an email saying I could have a copy of this, they sold it to me by including a quote from Louise O'Neill (who I adore) and by saying this book was what YA would be if Sylvia Plath wrote it and well I… Continue reading The Taste of Blue Light