#LoveThisQuote – Born Fighter

one can be as happy in a desert as in a hotel. It all depends on one's state of mind. - Reggie Kray   Reading Reggie Kray's book was a very eye-opening look at the justice system, the prison system and the history of the east end. There were moments where I forgot he was… Continue reading #LoveThisQuote – Born Fighter


Ivy and Abe

Ivy and Abe - Elizabeth Enfield Ever wondered if two people are meant to be? Ever wondered if them being meant to be depends on where they are in life, what their ages are? Where they're living? Well, you should probs check this out. Two people. One love story. A million possibilities. They're soulmates. Ivy… Continue reading Ivy and Abe

The Read List

May 2018

May started with my brother surprising us all by introducing us to his new puppy - he's a pug called Frank (after the dog from Men in Black, not our grandad or our other brother, who are both also called Frank) and he's super cute. I headed back to my hometown with my parents for… Continue reading May 2018


Riot Days

Riot Days - Maria Aloykhina I spotted this on Netgalley and couldn't not push the request button, I vaguely knew about Pussy Riot and the protests that got them arrested but that was the end of my knowledge so I as interested to find out more! A Pussy Rioter's riveting, hallucinatory account of her years… Continue reading Riot Days


Bookworm: A memoir of childhood reading

Bookworm: A memoir of childhood reading - Lucy Mangan Do you love books? Are you a bookworm? Do your childhood memories revolve around books you loved as a child rather than family holidays? I know I can barely remember being in Fuerteventura as a child with my family, but I remember the three books I read… Continue reading Bookworm: A memoir of childhood reading

what leah wore

What Leah Wore: Raising awareness with rainbows

Brace yourselves guys for another truly terrible photo, I know I'm not really making much of an effort with this feature am I? To be honest, I wasn't going to post this at all, but as Mental Health Awareness has come to an end, I figured why not. On Wednesday, 16th, half way through Mental… Continue reading What Leah Wore: Raising awareness with rainbows