52 books challenge, leah's stupid life

Rediscovering yourself.

My names Leah.
I look like this:

And this is my blog.
For as long as I can remember I have been an avid reader. I think it all started out because I was the worlds sickliest child. No, seriously, we’re talking over night hospital stays more than once a week. During all those hours in hospital my mum used to sit and read to me until I could quote the books back to her. When she’d have to go home for the night I’d sit and look at pages and pages of squiggles that made no sense but still would know whereabouts in the story I was, all because I could remember it from it being read to me. That’s when I realised I kind of loved books. They didn’t have televisions in hospitals back then, or if they did, you had to pay for them, and so, books became my friends and as I got older and went to school, they were a thing I could be proud of because I could read better than all the others. When my classmates were still struggling over Roger Red Hat I was reading things with actual pages and no pictures. I know right.
But, all of that changed when I went to university. I stopped having the time or the energy to read for fun, anything I read was for an essay or for a lecture and I lost my way. I stopped reading for about three years, and now, all of that is over and I have my degree I’m ready to reclaim my bookworm status and catch up on all the stories that I missed out on.
I am a bookworm and I am ready to rediscover that.
To ease myself back into the world of reading, I’m going to do a 52 books challenge that I saw on Tumblr. Basically, in laymans terms it means I’m going to read a book a week for this entire year. Now, that really never used to be much of a problem for me, but I’m out of practise, so let’s do this.
I know who I am, I just forgot for a while.


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