52 books challenge

Starting as we mean to go on: Confessions of a Shopaholic

So I said I was going to do the 52 books project this year, here’s the result!
These reviews will probably also go up on my Tumblr because I’m a sucker for blogging!

The first book I ended up starting with the 52 books thing I had in mind for this year was Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella.

I’d heard a lot about Sophie Kinsella,  but hadn’t actually read any of her books before, and I’d seen the film adaptation so I already sort of knew the story so when I saw that someone had left a copy of it behind the counter at work I thought, why not?
Also, having been to uni and studied journalism, reading books about journalists always interests me, mostly because they all seem to have amazingly glamorous lives going to lunch meetings and having inter office romances. Most of them spend a lot of their time doing that than actual journalistic work I have found… Any way, I digress, the characters in those kinds of books are the kinds of people that I have worked hard striving to become, but I don’t think I have ever not wanted to be a character more then when I was reading about Becky Bloomwood. Does that even make sense?
Basically I really didn’t want to relate to her or be her… Not because it’s a bad book, it isn’t I really enjoyed it and I think I might actually read more of Kinsella’s stuff in the future. And its not because Becky is a bad character, she’s relatable in some ways, she’s very human. She’s instantly rather likeable, which makes it weird that I didn’t want to be anything like her, I think its just because I have a thrifty nature and it sickens me when people don’t understand the value of money.  The book itself is much better than the film, which I have since discovered is based more on the series than the one book, its also set in London which I found much better because I could actually relate to those places or visualise them much more. There’s a moment when Becky is talking about how she can barely afford to live in Fulham and thinks her wages would probably be better suited to her if she lived in Elephant and Castle. Having been to all those places I know exactly what she means and I really liked that about the book.

Liked it a lot.
Liked the author a lot.
Inspired to read more of her stuff and probably the whole shopaholic series now. Good start me thinks!


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