52 books challenge

One Day



One Day – David Nicholls.

Wow. Just wow.
I have no idea why I hadn’t even thought to read this before, I read Starter for 10 and really really loved it and there was a bit of a sneak peak thing at the back about One Day so when I saw it on offer in a book shop I had to get it.
Anyway, the book. Its basically about Emma and Dexter who meet properly on 15th July the night of their graduation, the book then follows the pair of them on the 15th July every year until they are in the forties.  The concept is just so clever, that its all set on one day rather than just telling us everything about them both and its so brilliantly written that you don’t even miss the days in between.
At the moment it would seem that the books I’m reading are just getting better and better, One Day is just… its funny, its sad, its heart warming, its heart wrenching and there were moments where I literally gasped out loud. Its so well written that you get completely invested in the characters.

I also think I related to the character of Emma a lot which is why I enjoyed it so much. She went to uni and worked hard, got a degree and came out only to find that she couldn’t get a job that reflected that degree which is kind of like the situation I have at the moment. Also the fact that she’s an ardent socialist and I can get like that sometimes, there’s a moment where Dexter describes her as trying to be a working class hero which I’ve probably been a bit guilty of as well in the past.

Seriously, best book so far! I might at the end of this year do a bit of a chart and say which books were the best, at the moment this one is the top!


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