52 books challenge

Nottinghill to Love Actually.


Nottinghill to Love Actually – Ali Mcnamara

So I saw this on offer in tesco, and then Giovanna reviewed it and I thought it sounded pretty interesting. I love films and from what I knew about the book it seemed to reference a lot of films that I liked so the next time I found myself in the supermarket I picked it up.

I have to say, honestly it took me a really long time to get into. It’s a bit of a slow started for me, I tend to read a lot of different genre of books and this one, was really difficult to get into which surprised me because of the fact that it is a rom com type. The story is about movie obsessed Scarlett who has been given the chance to house sit in Nottinghill, where one of her favourite films is based, whilst there she makes lots of new friends, almost forgets about her fiancé and discovers lots of knew things about herself.
So here she is in Nottinghill trying to live out as many movie scenarios as possible which is quite funny and something I could probably see myself doing as well, and it does strike me as being the sort of storyline you would find in your typical romantic comedy. The thing that really bugged me about this book was it was all very cheese on toast, and it really didn’t seem that real. Maybe that was the point, perhaps its supposed to be so rose tinted and film like that that was the way I was meant to read it, but there were moments when I was literally cringing and professing “My God!” outloud where I literally couldn’t believe how predictable and ridiculous some of the moments were.

That said, I LOVED the ending, without giving it away, I would absolutely love it if someone did that for me.

So all in all, a bit hit and miss, if you love something that’s really easy to read, something for when you’re on holiday maybe than this is perfect.


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