52 books challenge

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins


Oh. My. Gallifrey.
There aren’t actually words in my vocabulary to articulate how much I loved this book.
I’d heard a lot of things about the Hunger Games. Good things mostly and a certain degree of annoyance that they were recommended by Stephanie Meyer (who I have to have a certain amount of respect for – someone who has made a living writing novels when they aren’t very good at writing novels must be very talented indeed. Not that I dislike Twilight, I’m no twihard but I quite like it. Its not one for challenging the mind, lets be honest but you know, whatever.)
Anyway, the Hunger Games.

I got given the trilogy for Christmas and have finally gotten around to reading them. I finished this one in about two days, I literally couldn’t put it down. I’ve almost finished the second one, I’m tearing through it so I can get to the third one and find out everything that’s going on!

The story is set in the future in a ravished and oppressed country called Panem, the population split into districts and made to exist in poverty whilst keeping the government in the Capitol comfortable. As punishment for an uprising sometime in the past, the government have come up with The Hunger Games, a live televised reality show (think I’m A Celebrity but much worse) every year, two children are picked from each district and made to compete in an arena for entertainment. Whilst taking part in the games the children must kill their peers in order to win. There can be only one winner and winning means food and money for your district. Competing is compulsory.

Already it sounds thrilling. Not nice but thrilling. The story picks up with sixteen year old Katniss who volunteers for the hunger games after her 12 year old sister is picked as a player (or tribute as they’re called in the book.) and chronicles her fight for survival.

I love stuff about dystopian futures, things like The Giver, 1984, Handmaid’s Tale and all that jazz (all of which I recommend by the way.) They fascinate me, and a dystopian future is exactly what you get with The Hunger Games.

I’m not going to say its pleasant, making children murder each other for entertainment is horrific but it is astonishingly brilliant. It’s a fascinating subject, its wonderfully written, it’s the best book I’ve done so far.
Everything I say sounds lame because there aren’t words to describe how much I loved this book. Here’s a heads up, next week will be book two!


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