52 books challenge

Catching Fire

The Hunger Games  Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins



I cannot…. I just…. AAAARGH!
Ok, get a grip Leah! Catching Fire takes place a few months after the end of The Hunger Games. Katniss lives in the victors village area of District 12 now where she is rich, healthy and trying to keep up her pretend love affair with Peeta whilst denying her true feelings for Gale. But all is not well – Katniss beat the games, the government, especially President Snow are after her.
Rebellions are springing up all over Panem and Capitol are blaming Katniss, as punishment she finds herself and Peeta being forced back into the arena against all the previous victors. Surely this time death is her only option if she wants to keep her friends and family safe…..

Sequels don’t usually illicit the same thrills and excitement as their predecessors but this was just as suspenseful, fluent and heart stopping as the first! I can’t say too much because I’m still processing it all!

Opening the third one right now!



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