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The Fry Chronicles

The Fry Chronicles – Stephen Fry


I love biographies whether they’re written by the subject or not, especially if they’re about someone one I find interesting. I’ll make no pretence of the fact that I love Stephen Fry, and despite his colourful past, I am of the opinion that he can do no wrong. He’s a national treasure.

A few years back when I started uni, in an act of defiance I decided not to use my Waterstones voucher to buy textbooks and instead used it to buy Maob is my Washpot, Stephen’s first autobiography which chronicles his school days. Suffice to say I loved it enough to warrant buying this one.

I loved that it read as though you were sat in front of a crackling fire with the man himself just listening to him telling you about the time he did this or that. It wasn’t linear, it jumped about, it went off in tangents as thought processes do and this one was no different. It quite elegantly glides between a brief childhood love affair with sugar puffs to giving up smoking in 2006 and then hop back to the 1980s in a flash. Which I really like, memories don’t always happen in chronological order.

Another thing I really love is words. I like the way they look and the way they sound and I like knowing what they mean. This is a very good thing when reading this book because clearly Stephen Fry loves words too. If I had to pick one word to describe this book it would have to be “wordy.” But that’s not a bad thing. It works.

I think sometimes mere mortals like myself forget that those we have place onto pedal stools like Stephen Fry, have feelings and are human too. That doesn’t always come across in autobiographies because the person writing it is constantly trying to justify how they got to where they did, but in this it really does remind you that Stephen was once a young man who made mistakes, he entered university as terrified of failure and big cities as I did. He has absolutely no issue at all when it comes to highlighting his weaknesses and his insecurities.

Stephen Fry is one of my most favourite people on the planet, and will continue to be so. I often find myself saying that if Stephen Fry has said something then it must indeed be true. He may idolise Oscar Wilde which is something he mentions from time to time, but I think that he might be the Oscar Wilde of my generation.


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