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Nerd do well

Simon Pegg – Nerd Do Well.


It appears that I’m in a bit of an autobiography rut, I read Stephen Fry’s last week and this week I’m onto Simon Pegg. Like I’ve said before, we always put celebrities on pedastools and I’m always a bit wary with autobiographies, as much as I like them there is always the boastful element that I don’t like. With Michael Caine (which you can see here ) I mentioned that I really liked the way he talked about love and included all the history of Hollywood, even if it was a little name droppy. With Stephen Fry I really liked that he made everything sound so articulate it was more like a historical biography than actually being about how much he loved himself. Simon Pegg’s was very different and actually the best of the three that I have read this year.

So, I tend to only read biographies of people that I like, I love Simon Pegg. I wrote a song about him once. Well… I say I wrote a song, I was on school camp and I walked through some stinging nettles and then went around the rest of the day singing this to the tune of Akon’s Smack That (which I’d heard on the radio earlier that day): Scratch that, I hurt my leg, Scratch that I love Simon Pegg…. Over and over again. Clearly why I’m not a musician.

Anyway, the book.
My face and my sides actually ached so much during the reading of this, the charming and witty way in which Simon retales childhood accidents, theatre trips, his love of star wars and his meeting of Nick Frost were just hilarious. I also really loved the fact that interspersed within his life story was a completely different story in which Simon Pegg, a handsome crime fighting hero was searching for The Scarlet Panther in a bid to return a prize jewel with his robot sidekick Canterbury, which was bloody awesome. Its also now available as a graphic novel in the form of an app for the iphone and ipad. Which I have downloaded by the way, and I love.  It’s the best £1.29 I have ever spent.

One thing I really loved about this book is that Simon Pegg doesn’t go into too much personal detail about his life, he wants his private life to remain private and that is done really well. During the reading of this, I stuck my Spaced DVD on and it was so weird to see things being played out by the characters in that knowing that some of the events were autobiographical and actually did happen to Simon, like Tim’s feelings on Star Wars and the break up with Sarah. So that was weird, but also kind of like being let in on a bit of an in joke. The way in which its written has also opened up my mind to the whole concept of coincidence. It seems like everything that has happened to him is somehow mysteriously linked to something in his past I spent the whole time just in wonder at lifes little quirks.

I would totally recommend this, not just to people who enjoy Simon Pegg’s work but to nerds everywhere. There is an entire chapter about an essay he wrote during his academic life in which he analysed Star Wars, I was totally nerdgasming all over it. In fact, there is a moment when he actually says the word ‘nerdgasm’ and I squealed. In public. It was embarrassing. Thanks Simon.

But anyway, if it were possible to love and respect Simon Pegg any more, I think I might do now.


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