52 books challenge

I am number four

I am Number 4 – Pittacus Lore.


I know I know, another book which is in some way to do with films. Sorry. Deal with it.

Anyway, if it weren’t for the film adaptation I would never have even heard of this book so I guess something good has come out of Hollywood not bothering to come up with original stories.

I kinda figured that this would be like Twilight but with aliens and I guess, that is a pretty accurate way of summing this up, a bit anyway. John, or rather number four, is an alien and he does fall for an earth girl called Sarah and he is in danger of his life because of some other aliens. But that is where the similarity ends. I’m not bashing Twilight, but that book is primarily a romance story, I am number four has a lot more action. The Mogodorians are bloody terrifying for one, it has a lot more interesting characters such as Sam and the whole Lorian history was really well done.

Basically, the story is that Lorian is a planet very much like Earth, only some of its inhabitants have the ability to do certain things like manipulate the elements etc, their planet then unexpectedly  gets invaded by Mogodorians who have their own strengths and weaknesses and are looking for a new planet having destroyed their own. Scared of their race dying out, those in charge decide to send nine gifted children and some guardians to earth where they can hide out until the danger is over before returning to Lorian to repopulate. To help keep the children safe they are bound with a special charm meaning they can only be killed in order. Unfortunately, the Mogodorians have also started infiltrating earth and are looking for the nine children, they are also aware of the charm and have managed to kill numbers one, two and three.

The story picks up ten years later, number four is now fifteen years old, he’s the next one to be found and possibly killed. Because of this he and his guardian Henri spend a lot of time travelling around in the hope that they will remain hidden. They end up in Ohio where he meets and falls in love with Sarah, an ordinary seeming teenage girl.

With all the alien stuff and the danger of being discovered aside, the whole teen aspect of the book is really good, dealing with growing feelings for another person, making friends and being bullied are all issues that are raised and makes it all seem much more real and adds to the tragedy of John’s situation. Even if he survives the Mogodorian’s, he will at some point still have to return to Lorian and that still means leaving Sarah and the life he has made for himself on Earth.

A few criticisms though – such a cliff hanger! I didn’t know that it was a series, I want more!
Also, Bernie Kozer is a stupid name for a dog, just call him Bernie! Other than that I properly loved it. I want more please!

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