52 books challenge

Never Let me Go

Never Let me go – Kazuo Ishiguro


I’d wanted to read this since watching the film back in January as part of my work placement. (I got to go to a special screening and write a review on it  – it was awesome!) I finally got round to it and it was well worth the wait. Films have a habit of not living up to the books but with this it was as if the book and the film complimented each other and that the story was made so much richer by having them both, even though they do work independently and are both fantastic in their own rights.

Its hard to describe this without giving away the plot but basically it centres around a school of sorts called Hailsham which is attended by Kathy, Ruth and Tommy. Narrated by Kathy who is thinking back over certain events, the story follows them from child hood into their thirties. Because I had already seen the film prior to this I was aware of the plot and was struck by how deep and horrific it was especially once things had become obvious and we knew the characters fates. I wanted to see if the book was darker or any more or less explicit, but as I said, it compliments the film because they stay completely true to the original manuscript.
It does go a little deeper because we get a more personal view point from Kathy’s memories but other than that it is pretty much exactly the same.

I loved this, Ive said before that I like dystopian novels and this certainly fits the bill, I love that so much is implied rather than told, its so nice to have your imagination work for a change.

Never Let Me Go has everything I could possibly want from a book. It has interesting characters that I actually found getting under my skin, I hate Ruth. I know she redeems herself in the end but she’s such a bitch! Haha! It has a tight storyline and questions a lot of basic principles. Ethics and Morality in regards to science and human nature feature a lot in this novel and there is the constant flitting between whether Hailsham was good for Kathy and co or not as well as the entire set up, given the choice would you be able to live in a world like that?

Amazingly written, thought out and the whole thing is just so tragic, I was tearing up so many times reading this.
Read it. Now. Like seriously what are you still doing here? Go Go GO!


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