52 books challenge

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee


I mentioned that I was doing this 52 books thing to a couple of people in the hope that they would recommend me something and they all said this.

I have to be honest though, I have read it before. Its one of my all time favourites in fact. But as I got away with re reading the Princess Bride I figured it was ok and seeing as the last time I read this it was for my GCSE English exam it seems about the right time to dust it off and enjoy it once again.

Im sure you all know the story of this so here is a very brief low down: Atticus Finch, all round BAMF and father extraordinaire is a lawyer representing a falsly accused black man during the time of racial tension in the deep south. The whole thing is told through the eyes of his young daughter Scout who is quite preoccupied with tormenting the neighbours and learning how to be a young lady.

Right, so anyway, I adore this book. Love is seriously not a strong enough word to even begin to describe how awesome it is. It has everything: morality, loss of innocence, acceptance, amazing quotes, life lessons, an absolute kick ass father figure. How can you go wrong really?

This isn’t a book. It’s a survival guide. Everyone needs an Atticus Finch in their lives. You absolutely must read this book, I loved it when I was 16 and looking for hidden meanings in Harper Lee’s sentence structures and I loved it just as much at 22 reading for the hell of it.

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