52 books challenge

The Book of Tomorrow

Book of Tomorrow – Cecelia Ahern


I really wanted to like this. Like really really wanted to like it.  Cecelia Ahern has been one of my favourite authors for several years now ever since I picked up a copy of Where Rainbows End when I was on holiday one year and managed to read it about four times during that two week period. And I have liked every other book of hers that I have read. Apart from this one.

I dunno what it is, I like fantasy and I like romance and I like just stories. But for some reason this just didn’t gel, it all seemed out of context.

So basically the story is about a spoilt teen, Tamara who has always had everything she has ever wanted handed to her. However, she has had to swap the life of riley in the city mansion for a life of poverty and independence in the Irish country side with her uncle and aunt after her father commits suicide. In the event of her dads death it transpires that the family were in a bit of financial trouble and Tamara has to get used to no more designer clothes, trips to town and the other luxuries she has always been used to. Add to this the fact that her mother is now suffering with depression and has left her much to her own devices. Tamara also has to get used to the fact that her aunt and uncle are very different to the people she is used to, and she finds it hard to get on with her aunt. Already, I was thinking this would be a brilliant story. I love Cecelia Ahern’s writing style and the depth in which she explains her characters thought processes and I knew that this would be brilliantly angsty and full of turmoil.
However, there was another strand to this story, Tamara discovers a travelling library and within it, a book that is locked, once she manages to get into it she finds that the pages are blank and is given the book to keep. She then discovers that it is full of pages of her own handwriting describing events that haven’t happened yet. The following day, everything written in the book happens to her.
That’s where the fantastical, science fiction element comes into play and where I think the book falls down. The whole fantasy thing comes out of no where which is maybe why I couldn’t get my head around it, there was no prior warning. I thought I was getting a story about life lessons and I ended up with some freaky time travelling journal. Added to that there is no backstory of where the book comes from, how it works or why it does what it does. There is also no closure on the book either, once Tamara has worked through her problems and discovered who she is and what the book does it just ends.

I really hope that Cecelia Ahern hasn’t fallen into a trap of being pressured to write stuff just for the publisher to make money rather than for her love of writing. She is such a talented writer but this was a bit of a let down. I just couldn’t get into it. Which has annoyed me a bit. I might re read PS I love you or one of her other stories just to get my Cecelia loving back.


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