52 books challenge

Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood.
Sarah Blakley –Cartwright and David Leslie Johnson


Not the best written book I have ever come across but it certainly has potential to be really really good. But in saying that it was really easy to read so its fine for something meaningless. In fact it’s a little Twilighty, just put together a bit better. (I’m allowed to say that I’ve read Twilight.)

To be honest, one thing that really got to me was that I couldn’t believe two people had written this. It should have been spectacular with two professional writers contributing, but it wasn’t a complete waste of £3.99 so I should stop complaining about it so much… I am going to point out a few flaws though…

1)      If there is a wolf on the loose and everyone is scared of it, why do they let an old lady live in a cottage in the woods on her own? That’s just asking for trouble.

2)      I know they were childhood best mates and all but there’s no way that Valerie and Peter fell in love with each other (like madly deeply true love) within milliseconds of being reunited. Especially if Valerie is so level headed.

3)      So much could have been done with the Henry/ Peter rivalry and it wasn’t!


Anyway, Little Red Riding Hood was always my favourite fairy story because it was dark as all good kids stories should be, and this stuck to the actual story really well and had enough thrills and such like to keep me interested. I laughed a little too hard at the Twilight reference – not good considering how serious that chapter was supposed to be and the ending is really annoying.

Not bad though, once the wolf started attacking it got really good. If it weren’t for the stupid ending.

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