52 books challenge


Emma – Jane Austen.


This is a momentous book in the 52 books project because it’s the first e book I’ve ever read. And as I’m trying to read one book a week this year I guess it was only a matter of time before I started reading things that weren’t actually printed on actual paper. I bought a Kindle a few weeks ago, his name is Blaine and we get on excellently except for when he likes to display creepy looking authors when he’s asleep.

But anyway, I should be honest, I only wanted to read this because I love Clueless so much. This should probably be an indication as to why I found Emma so darn hard to read, I thought, somewhat naively it would be very much like the script of Clueless as opposed to a Jane Austin style story. But I did only pay 69p for the Kindle copy which is amazing! Its so long!

Emma is, obviously, about a girl called Emma who is high up in society and her friend Harriet who isn’t and the various situations they find themselves in as Emma tries to hook Harriet up with a suitable partner. Had I not seen Clueless I would have probably gotten bored with this really very quickly. Its not as good as Pride and Prejudice at all. I got a lot of amusement out of working out which character is which in relation to Clueless and how they modernised certain points in the book. But I think I’m out of practise reading more dated literature because I did find that some situations which were actually really exciting were told in a dull way. Anyway, I’m glad I read it and it was about time that I read a classic. I have Wuthering Heights on dear old Blainers too… But I’m a bit scared to give that one a go!


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