52 books challenge

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed – Emily Griffin.


Basically chapter one is like this one massive GPOY for me. I was sat reading it at work actually willing someone to come in and disturb me because Grilled Cheesus it was like reading my thoughts now let alone when I’m thirty. And I think it was because of that that I stuck with it and ended up getting a little addicted.

So, this is the story of two best mates who have known each other since they were children, Rachel and Darcy. Darcy is that one friend we all have that everything always goes right for: school, relationships, jobs… everything. Rachel is the mere mortal like us. Their tale begins on the night of Rachel’s thirtieth birthday, Darcy has thrown her a party and all is going well, until Darcy gets a bit too merry and heads home early and Rachel ends up sleeping with Dex, a mate from college who happens to be engaged to Darcy. Oh dear.

Normally I would avoid this kind of a story, its all very Eastenders like and I don’t really like love triangles because they get on my nerves but I became addicted to this, I couldn’t put it down and I think it was because Rachel is written in a way that she becomes instantly relatable. Even when she starts a full blown affair with Dex I still found myself rooting for her, wanting things to go her way for once instead of Darcy’s.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it and I must apologise for once again reading something that has something to do with a film. This has been adapted. Sorry. Just know that its awesome but the film probably wont be.


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