52 books challenge


Starcrossed – Josephine Angelini


Ohh this was so good! Like really! There are a few niggles because there is always room for improvement but on the whole it was properly enjoyable. The whole way through reading this I had a niggling feeling that something was very familiar. Then it hit me. This is basically exactly the same plot as Twilight. Young girl lives with her father in a boring town, new boy who is supermegafoxyawesomehot arrives and they are drawn to each other only they shouldn’t be….

Few differences though the main one being no vampires and the writing is much better. Instead the main characters are descended from Greek gods which was actually awesome because Greek mythology is really fascinating and it has this whole history about Zeus and the battle of Troy and everything which I got so into.

Helen who is our heroine has always been a bit peculiar she’s super strong and fast and taller than she should be for a girl of 16. Her dad always said she was like her mother, a mysterious woman who took off after she was born, leaving her only daughter and husband  with just a locket and nothing else. One day Helen starts having nightmares about three women who cry tears of blood that she just can’t understand. Around the same time Lucas and his large extended family show up in town, which normally wouldn’t be of any interest to Helen, except  whenever they cross paths the crying women appear urging Helen to kill him. Problem is they’re urging Lucas and his family to do the same and there are more Godly descendents trying to kill all of them.

After some bonding Lucas’s family decide they quite like Helen and thats when it starts getting a bit more twilighty Lucas and Helen are in love obviously and there is even a character that reminds me of Alice Cullen… But despite all that the story was really good the whole Greek mythology element was great and I love it when writers do their research. I also really liked that unlike twilight it wasn’t all angst and there was no stupid triangle, Helen and Lucas actually had some perspective they cared about how their relationship would affect other people and Helen didn’t spend half the book mooning over him either.

The writing got a lot better as it went on as well, like at the beginning I was considering giving up but then I got a bit addicted!

The annoying thing is there isn’t an ending as such. There is just no closure it’s not even a cliff-hanger it just stops which is really frustrating. I hope its a series because i need to know Daphne’s plan and Hector’s fate and of course whether Lucas and Helen get it on.


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