52 books challenge

Looking for Andew McCarthy

Looking for Andrew McCarthy – Jenny Colgan


This caught my eye in a shop window because fresh faced teenaged Andrew McCarthy is  not only a bit cute but also appeared in several of my favourite films. In addition, he played the first fictional Blane to catch my eye. So, you could say that we have history.

Looking for Andrew McCarthy is the story of Ellie who on her 30th birthday (seriously, these books are giving me a complex about turning thirty…) at an 80s themed party, has an epiphany and realises that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she hates her job, she hates her flat and she hates her landlord. Like most of her generation, she was sucked into the dream created by the Brat Pack movies that growing up was fun and now she feels short changed. Hence the existential crisis and an ill planned road trip across America to find her teenage dream (wrong Blaine sorry…) in the hope that he can answer some of lifes big questions.

Clearly, Ellie has never seen St Elmos Fire because that was all about growing up and realising that life isn’t actually fun any more… But no matter.

This should and could have been really funny – two British girls trying to hunt down their teen idol across America – that should be comic gold. It wasn’t. I very nearly didn’t finish it where I was so bored.

I did like that the chapters were named after eighties teen movies, and having suffered from several “I wish John Hughes directed my life” style crisis I can sort of relate. Won’t be re reading it though.


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