52 books challenge

Young Sherlock Holmes – Black Ice

Young Sherlock Holmes: Black Ice – Andrew Lane


I am a massive Sherlock Holmes fangirl so I thought I would give some of the more modern day interpretations a go, starting with this. I have to say it wasnt a complete disappointment.

Very much like the Artemis Fowl series Lane’s incarnation of Sherlock is a 14 year old living with his aunt and uncle in Southampton whilst his father fights in India and his much older brother Mycroft works in London for the government.

In this story Sherlock and his tutor, Ameyus Crow are on a trip to London visiting Mycroft when they stumble on a plot to frame Mycroft for murder. Determined to prove his innocence, the Holmes brothers end up on an ill fated jaunt to Russia where Sherlock has to put his deduction skills to good use to save his brother.

It’s full of thrills and Sherlock gets himself in some pretty hair raising situations which will keep young readers amused. For me he just wasn’t Sherlocky enough. The deductions were there and the brains and the observational skills but he was a little too emotional and unsure of himself. Was interesting to see some indications as to how he came to train his mind and become the detective we all know though so good try.

If anyone follows me on twitter they will know that I was actually attempting to read three things this week, this, Submarine and Dalton… I didn’t think Dalton would count and as it was a re read as well I thought I’d go for the book I finished first which would be this one. As soon as I finished this though I picked up something different so I don’t think I’ll get around to finishing Submarine for a while!


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