52 books challenge


Life – Keith Richards


Maaaan, this book is a beast! I didn’t think I was going to finish it on time and if I’m really honest I still have a chapter to go but I didn’t want to be behind so I’m gonna post this and then finish that chapter! I kinda figured that he wouldn’t tell me anything new in the last few pages anyway! We’ve already covered falling out with Mick, getting back with Mick, falling out of a tree, Brian Jones and the initiation of Ronnie so I don’t think there’s an awful lot left to tell us!

I’ve always been a Rolling Stones fan and I had wanted to read this for ages because of that but at the same time I was a bit worried that it would reveal things that I didn’t want to know. You may have noticed that I quite like autobiographies(herehere and here)  and I always say the same thing, that I don’t want the person to come across a bit douchy, or in this case make the magic of the Rolling Stones fade by revealing that they all actually hated each other or something.  I actually really enjoyed it though, I liked reading about how the stones came together and music just seems to pour from this guys soul. It was never going to be boring either, with someone who has lived as full a life as Keith Richards. Seriously good! Even if you don’t like the Rolling Stones, if you are a fan of music you absolutely have to read it. It turns out that my local mps dad had something to do with keeping Mick and Keith out of prison which was a bit of a discovery and also that Keith really likes bangers and mash and even includes his own recipe for how to make the perfect meal.


Keith Richards just comes across as being a really likeable bloke as well which I was so thankful for.


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