52 books challenge


Submarine – Joe Dunthorne


I really wanted to read this before the film came out but Life took me so damn long to read and I got distracted by Dalton and about a million other things that I ended up saving this for this week and watched the film first.

I’m kind of glad I did though because I got to see which bits were part of the original story and which bits Richard Ayoade thought of and changed himself. To be honest, I preferred film Oliver to book Oliver, they were pretty much the same person but film Oliver came across as being much less of a pretentious twat than he does in the book. I really enjoyed it and it was very smirk inducing but I think if I knew anyone like Oliver in real life I would probably punch them.

Basically, Oliver is this fifteen year old boy who lives in Swansea with his parents and really likes words, Submarine is his diary (or log if you will) as he battles to stay sane whilst he watches his parents marriage crumble and his relationship with the pyromanic Jordana begin and unfold. Its really very clever and it really got under my skin but really it wasn’t all that different from the Adrian Mole series.

I think the main thing with this book is perserverance, as much as Oliver annoyed me I really wanted to finish it and I found that I started to not like him so much but definetly feel for him and understand his actions more as the book went on. So if you’re thinking of reading it its good and then it gets better!


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