52 books challenge

Pop Tart

Pop Tart- Kira Coplin and Julianne Kaye


This was one of the e books I picked up in the kindle sale and I actually really enjoyed it.

This is the story of an LA native, Jackie, who drops out of college in the hope that she can be as successful in the industry of Hollywood as her parents were. By a stroke of luck she ends up being hired as a make up artist on a music video shoot for a sixteen year old girl poised to be America’s next big thing. Her young client, Brooke, then finds herself being catapulted into fame and then infamy ridiculously fast with Jackie being dragged along for the ride. But in amongst the parties, VIP treatments, drug binges and so forth, being bezzie mates with the stars and socialites of LA has its downsides. Especially when Brooke starts to lose her grip on reality.

I thought it was a really interesting insight into the world of Hollywood and being a quote nerd I loved that every chapter began with a relevant quote too.

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