52 books challenge

A Damned Serious Business

Rex Harrison – A Damned Serious Business


Oh look, an autobiography, haven’t read one of those in a while. Rex Harrison is one of my favourite classic actors mostly because he was so unlike most of the other classic Hollywood types… I mean, he did this weird speak singing thing and didn’t have the Carey Grant or Clark Gabel look about him. Plus I also heard that he spent his whole life looking for the perfect butler and never found one, whether or not that’s true remains to be seen because it wasn’t addressed in this particular book.

Like Michael Caine’s autobiography this went into the history of the theatre and explained loads of things about repertory theatre companies and how they worked in the twenties and thirties which was really interesting. All that kind of thing fascinates me so I was loving that. The narrative is a little old fashioned sometimes but if you stick with it it is rather good as life stories go, he doesn’t dwell too much on child hood stuff and pretty much dedicates most of it to stuff people want to know about (like My Fair Lady and how the speak singing thing came about).
Sometimes it reads a little like a how to act manual but I didn’t mind that in the slightest.


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