52 books challenge

My best friend’s girl

My best friend’s girl – Dorothy Koomson


I’ve seen a lot of Dorothy Koomson books around but I’ve never actually had the inclination to read one before, I’m really glad that I picked this up though, it did everything it said on the cover.

This is the story of Kamryn, who discovers that her best friend (Adele) slept with her fiancée (Nate) and ended up baring his child (Tegan) and so she runs away to Leeds severing all contact with all of them. Then she gets a letter from Adele telling her that she’s dying and she needs her to adopt Tegan and Nate has no idea he’s the father.

I’m not really much of a chick lit reader but I really enjoyed this, it had me giggling one moment and blinking back tears the next. It was a really easy read as well, perfect for going on holiday with… Maybe I should have waited and taken it to Poland but oh well! Speaking of which – I’m going to Poland! So, excuse me if I miss a week!


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