52 books challenge

Falling Star

Did ya’ll check out my mad Poland adventures? You should head to girlfromgallifrey.tumblr.com to find out all about them because I had a blast!!

Anyway, the review!


Falling Star – Diana Dempsey.

This was a freebie from amazon, so cheers Amazon kindle store! Gave me a reason to dust off Blainers when I got back from Poland.

Anywho, Falling Star is the story of Natalie who is a TV news anchor who is fast approaching her expiry date (as the media is sexist in that it only really likes really young, really pretty girls.) unfortunately she is also getting divorced, falling for her agent and being chased out of her work place by both her new boss and her old intern who is one of the really young really pretty girls.

This was really good after an initial slow start. Its quite in depth when it talks about the roles of being a TV broadcaster, reporter and news anchor so if none of that is your bag probably best to give this a miss. As I studied multi media journalism and did modules in TV broadcast I thought it portrayed the whole thing really well. There were also a couple of characters that I recognised from uni, the kind of people who would sell their own grandmother to get an exclusive and be the best journalist. Kinda the reason why I hate the profession so much and probably should have dropped out.

But anyway, this was quite good actually.




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