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May I have your attention, please?

James Cordon – May I have your attention please.


Oh look at that, another autobiography to add to the list. Being the biggest (well… I’m actually tiny, smallest then) Gavin and Stacey fan on the planet, I couldn’t not buy this when I saw it on offer in Tesco, its taken me a little while to get round to reading it but once I got down to it I really enjoyed it.

James Cordon comes across as being really humble and lovely, the kind of guy you’d want to have around to cheer you up or offer you a manly hug when you feel in need of an ego stroking, and he also seems to be really insecure based on this memoir which was a little surprising to me after reading so much about him in the press. I always like it when people sound friendly from their autobiographies, and I don’t mean that in the sense that he paints himself to be friendly, just that his writing style is so jovial and human that it makes me want to be his best mate.

Other than that, reading about how the history boys was put together and how the greatest television show ever shot in Wales came to be was really interesting. I also loved that it was personal without revealing too much, much like Simon Pegg’s book back at the beginning of the year.

This was just a really refreshing read after so many fiction novels and its just made me want to rewatch the whole of Gavin and Stacey… And also Lesbian Vampire Killers a bit, just so I can use the books narrative as some sort of commentary.


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