52 books challenge

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby – F Scott Fitzgerald.


This is so called one of the greatest depictions of American society post world war one ever. I’m just really glad that I wasn’t part of that generation because I would literally have to slap everyone.

Its told through the eyes of Nick, he lives next door to the great Gatsby who is an intriguing and popular man that no one seems to know an awful lot about. Gatsby is in love with a girl he knew as a younger man, she is called Daisy and she is Nick’s cousin. Only Daisy is now a mother and married to Tom who Nick knew from university. Tom though is having an affair with the wife of a man that he is trying to sell a car to. So its all very much like an historical soap opera.

I really liked it, I liked that the main focus of the book was about a man that really no one knew anything about. I also liked that as classics go this was really easy to read so it made me feel good about the fact that I could understand it. Which probably says a lot more about me and my incredible need to impress people by being well read. I seriously have a boner for F Scott Fitzgerald though so my main aim in life is to get as many people as possible to read this book so that they will want to be in a band with me called The F Scott Fitzgeralds.


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