52 books challenge

The history of Lucy’s love life in ten and a half chapters

The history of Lucy’s Love life in 10 ½ chapters. – Deborah Wright


Chick lit teamed with time travel? Awesome sauce.

This is the story of Lucy who decides she is too comfortable in her relationship and ditches her bloke even though she is madly in love with him. So far standard chick lit, she also happens to work for a scientist who has a time machine in their lab, so far not standard chick lit.

Lucy rescues the time machine and sets it up in her flat before deciding to embark on an adventure to find out what the meaning of love is from historys greatest lovers.

This was really funny, I’m a bit of a history nerd so I loved that she got to meet Byron and Casanova and Al Capone etc and I kind of liked the genre cross over as well. In fact, Lucy’s main aim throughout the story is to meet as many romantic folk as possible, so she gets to hang out with the poets and go to society parties and all that sort of thing. I know that I would love the opportunity to go back and talk to some of my favourite historical figures.


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