52 books challenge


Paris – Andi Watson, Simon Gane


I would have posted this earlier, but I ended up having to sit outside work for an hour waiting for the breakdown people to come and help me get home! Long story that this isn’t the place for however…

Its about time that I included a graphic novel really isn’t it? Its been almost a year after all. This one was loaned with thanks from Aron

This is the story of Juliet a penniless art student living in New York with artistic promise but no financial means to be an artist. She gets commissioned to paint a portrait of Deborah, a rich British girl living in Paris with her aunt of a chaperone. Together they find a shared passion for the arts among other things but their family and friends aren’t having any of it and it gets a little like When Harry Met Sally.

The illustrations in this were amazing, kind of reminded me a little of Daria and the dialogue made me laugh especially for all the Brits.

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