52 books challenge

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Jane Austin and Greame Smith.


So, here’s my last book of the year! I missed a year, hence, this being posted a week after the year ended. Pride and prejudice is probably my favourite classic just because Lizzie Bennett is such a BAMF and I love the evolution of her and Darcy’s relationship. What could possibly make this already awesome book better?
That’s right. Zombies.

I read this a few years ago but my to read list was getting a bit low so I thought I would chuck this in. Plus the Walking Dead is becoming my new obsession so I was having a bit of a zombie week. Seriously, everything in life can be improved by the inclusion of zombies. Unless theyre trying to eat your brain of course.

If you’ve not read pride and prejudice and would like the kudos of reading a classic but would rather fill your day with tales of zombie slayers rather than flirtatious society folk then just read this. It is word for word pride and prejudice with just a few added zombie action scenes. And if you have read pride and prejudice, I’m sure the inclusion of said zombie scenes will just fill you with amusement.


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