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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in our stars – John Green

Just. Just give me a minute.
I went to New York recently! You can read all about my trip here I made a series of Tumblr posts about it. Basically New York is all kinds of wonderful and I had an amazing time taking in Broadway shows and having brunch outside of Tiffanys and walking around Central Park in the freezing cold.
But before I went, my trip began with The Fault in Our Stars.
Picture the scene, being sat in an airport at stupid o clock in the morning, barely able to concentrate because you’re excited, nervous and tired all at once, you get out your kindle and you begin.
And then, eight hours later when you’ve reached your destination you’ve finished.
I managed to read the entire thing in one sitting (I was sat for a really long time, plane chairs are really uncomfortable too) because I couldn’t put it down. I had to have a little break towards the end so I didn’t start bawling my eyes out and embarrassing everyone.
Here’s the low down:

The Fault in Our Stars is the story of Hazel Lancaster, a sixteen year old girl with terminal cancer, she’s hooked up to a tank of oxygen all the time and she’s pretty much come to terms with the fact that she is going to die at some point. To stop her from feeling depressed about this fact, her mum has signed her up to a support group for other kids with cancer which is where she meets Isaac, a boy about to lose both his eyes, and Augustus who turns out to be the great love of her life.
So, Augustus and Hazel get it together and are adorably cute and flirty and dear God, Augustus Waters is the most beautifully described boy I have ever come across, they take a trip to Amsterdam to meet with Hazel’s favourite writer so that she can find out what happens to her favourite characters after her favourite book ends and all sorts of laughter and heartbreak happen along the way.

I won’t tell you what happens in the end but you are going to cry an entire river.
John Green has done it again.
Kudos John. Kudos.


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