leah's stupid life

I wrote a novel!

So, unnoticed by everyone, myself included, I managed to write a novel. Yeah, a whole novel. I managed to write a novel and finish it. All forty chapters of it. I know right.
Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is because I have finally finished updating it and editing it and uploading it to jottify and its now available as a free download for iPads and kindles, that sort of thing. I’d really appreciate it if you check it out, you don’t have to read it or even enjoy it. Just, you know, its there.

Anyway, its called Lucy in Love. And obviously its about a girl called Lucy who falls in love. Its got a hint of teenage angst and child abuse and lesbianism.
It was largely inspired by a series of songs coming onto my iPod in quick succession. So, Cough Syrup (Young the Giant, or possibly the Darren Criss version), Really Got a Hold on Me (The Beatles), Don’t Let me Down (also The Beatles), I Do (Colbie Callait) and Somebody that I Used To Know (Gotye) are mostly to blame for this.
And John Green. Because I’d just finished reading TFIOS when I started writing this and I kind of spend my days wishing I were half the writer that he is.

So, if you need something to read and you don’t have any money, like, keep this in mind. Because its free. Did I mention that its free?
You can download it, or if you don’t have a fancy reading device then you can jut read it here.



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