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Leaky Con!

I’ve been in Chicago enjoying the amazingness that was Leaky Con! For a full run down of my Chicago based adventures and lots of flailing about Leaky Con itself, you can head here and check it all out at my tumblr.

I just want to do a quick post here about some of the things that I did at Leaky Con though!
So, part of the conference is dedicated to literature, and so there are all these amazing panels where you can go and discuss books and literature and authors with authors. It’s really quite amazing!
There were panels on why we love bad books which basically ended in a discussion about Twilight and Fifty Shades that was lead by Robin Wasserman, there was a panel on how to be a writer, there was a panel in which authors read out their teenage attempts at writing, and there was a panel in which characters could get relationship advice (which was obviously the best panel)

During Leaky Con, this amazing thing happened:


Yes. I got to meet John Green and Maureen Johnson, two authors that I LOVE so much I needed to capatilse it.

I was really looking forward to meeting John Green because he’s my favourite author of all time and I spend so much time watching his videos and reading his books and just wishing I could be half as good a writer as he is. Plus, being a lucky cancer kid who didn’t actually ever think about how lucky they are about the fact that they got over the whole cancer thing with limited amount of suffering, TFIOS really made me realise just how grateful I should be that I didn’t end up being Augustus, Isaac or Hazel.  I was kind of disappointed that he didn’t really talk to me all that much, but then I guess he’s kind of busy and I’m kind of awkward and you know, there was too much going on for us to really converse in any real sense. Besides, I suspect he’s heard the whole: “Oh but Looking for alaska/ paper towns/ the fault in our stars changed me life” about a million times. But hey ho. I’m super glad that I got the opportunity to be in the same room as him at least, hopefully, talent flows via osmosis.

The Leaky Lit stuff was probably some of my favourite panels. There were far too many awesome things going on for me to list everything but I really loved those. There was a panel called Help! My boyfriend is a vampire in which Maureen Johnson led a discussion with some other authors where they tried to solve the relationship issues of fictional characters. So effing funny you have no idea.
I also really enjoyed the panel on girl books and boy books because there is nothing I like more than discussing gender stereotypes and literature. There was also a panel where novelists read stuff they had written as teenagers, OH MY GOD. Even John Green was a bad writer once, his short story about fireflies being metaphors for the loss of youth and death was so funny. I’ll never be able to hear the phrase “he cried for a full hour” and keep a straight face ever again.

Also, John Green was wearing a Hunger Games t shirt so that makes him super awesome.


I also managed to get my hands on a signed copy of The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer which I am ridiculously excited about reading. Stupidly, I decided to pack said book into my suitcase and stick my kindle into my hand luggage, it turns out however, that kindle batteries are zapped by airport security scanners so I had NOTHING TO READ for the full eleven hours that I was sat in Dublin airport not to mention the entire flight to Dublin from Chicago. I pretty much sat around and had my friend read to me from her copy of Paper Towns. But there you go.
Leaky Lit is awesome and I want to go back and live there forever!


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