The Bermudez Triangle

The Bermudez Triangle – Maureen Johnson.

After writing Lucy in Love (which is a book about lesbian teenagers) I decided to do a bit more reading in that genre and found this, I am a big fan of Maureen Johnson’s I have read a couple of her books before and had heard that this was almost banned so I thought, man, I should give that a go.

Here’s the basic plot as laid out by goodreads:
When Nina learns the shocking truth that her best friends Mel and Avery have fallen in love with each other, their friendship is rocked by what feels like the ultimate challenge. But it’s only the beginning of a painful, funny, and gripping journey as three girls discover who they are and what they really want.

It is basically the story of Nina Bermudez and her two best mates Mel and Avery (it’s called the Bermudez Triangle because there are three of them). Nina goes away to summer school and while she’s gone, Mel comes out to Avery and the pair of them start dating, much to Nina’s surprise when she returns.

I kind of loved this, I shipped Mel and Avery so hard, I spent a lot of time just having all these feels when I was reading it. It isn’t really about the whole “ZOMG THEYRE GAY!” thing, it’s more about the relationships that they all have, how those are tested and the pros and cons of being in various romantic situations such as being friendzoned, being in a long distance relationship and of course, making your relationship public.
I would go as far as to say that this is my favourite of all of Maureen Johnson’s books that I’ve read so far and will definitely keep coming back to it.


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