Annie on my mind

Annie on my mind – Nancy Garden

I was recommended this by a friend who had read Lucy in Love because she felt they were quite similar, I’m personally offended that she didn’t tell me about this book before.
It’s the story of teenager Liza who goes to a posh private school in New York who one day meets a girl called Annie at a museum, she and Annie spend the afternoon together going through the museum and are both drawn to each other. They then become best of friends, calling each other up and hanging out all over New York. Towards the end of the book they start to have feelings for each other and a romantic relationship develops. Horrifically, they are both outed whilst looking after one of Liza’s teachers houses and a whole load of homophobia comes their way.
It’s a really interestingly written book, for one thing it jumps from the present where Liza now at college is thinking back to her summer with Annie to telling the story of that summer. Considering it was published in the eighties I do think the attitude towards Liza and Annie’s relationship was a bit dated, but it is a great read nonetheless. One thing that I really loved about it was that it wasn’t just about sexuality, it was also about being a teenager and the class system. It was told from Liza’s point of view, a girl who is fairly well off and lives in a nice neighbourhood but Annie wasn’t so privileged, went to a state school and lived in a dangerous part of town and part of the story was how well they adjusted to each other.

Also – it has amazing quotes like this in it:
It’s not negative. Don’t you know that it’s love you’re talking about? You’re talking about how I feel about another human being, and how she feels about me, not about some kind of disease you have to save us from.


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