The House of Silk: A new Sherlock Holmes Novel

House of Silk – Anthony Horrowitz

I love Sherlock Holmes.

I love the Conan Doyle stories.
I think they’re ace.
What I don’t love is the new Holmes stories because they’re never quite right, there is always something about them that is glaringly obviously not right. And it was with this trepidation that I began reading The House of Silk, which is being billed as the “new Sherlock Holmes novel”. It’s by Anthony Horowitz of the Alex Ryder series fame and is significantly fatter than most Holmes stories but it is exactly as if Conan Doyle himself possessed Anthony Horowitz and wrote it through him. He completely captured Watson’s narration, the pace and they style was just like reading an original Holmes novel and the mystery itself was amazing. Gruesome, repulsive even but amazing. it was great to have such a long Holmes story, most of the original ones being so short it was great to have almost a feature length version.

Seriously enjoyed this, even if it was a bit gruesome in the end.

Fellow Sherlockians, if you believe in Sherlock Holmes, then do check this book out. Its awesome. Almost unbelievably so.


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