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Ether Books.

I’ve decided to take this blog back up as probably noted by the fact that I went on a mass following spree and started reminding everyone that this place even existed.
Anyway, I’m going to deviate slightly from my poor book reviews and random book related quotations to tell you a bit about my day because it is slightly relevant in the world of books and publishing.
So, anyone that is here because of the big advertising I did on Tumblr (who probably follow my tumblr as a result of seeing this) will know that I have been out of a steady job for about six months now and am relying mostly on being a freelance journalist to get me through, they will also know that I go to a lot of interviews, well today I went to one that actually really excites me and I thought I would tell everyone about it.

Today, I was interviewed for an internship position at a digital publishing company called Ether books, their website can be found here, they are a company that allows writers to create short stories which they then publish onto mobile devices through a smart phone app, those authors then get paid for their work, can add as many works as possible and interact with their readers all through this app.
The company themselves are really cool, they’re compact and quirky and based mainly in Bath, and we had a great discussion about publishing and books in general and I’m very excited about the possibility of working with them and infusing more of a YA focus into their output.
I don’t want to jinx it by talking about it too much, but for you budding writers out there, or people who are interested in reading some independent short stories, it may be worth checking them out and getting the app (which I believe is free) most of the content is free also, and those that aren’t are under a pound so where can you go wrong really?!


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