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Six weeks ago I was asked to participate in the Somer Valley FM six week challenge, where we were all given the chance to do complete a goal before the end of the year. I was challenged to write a novel in six weeks, and well, I do enjoy writing novels so I jumped at the opportunity.
And now, six weeks after the challenge began, I can now release that novel into the internet, so here we go, Harley’s Angels is available as a free ebook from here so feel free to read it. I can’t guarantee it’ll be the best thing you’ll ever read, I mean, it was done in just six weeks, but you know, check it out anyway.

photo (1)

Part of the challenge was to also mention fellow writers: Chris, Aron, Stew and John which I’ve managed to do, so see if you can spot them and to also mention local band SOHCAHTOA, so fans of theirs should probably head straight to chapter seventeen.
There is also a little Somer Valley in joke hidden in there too… If you can spot it I’ll probably give you a virtual hug.
I’m hoping there will be a paper back version in the new year which will feature an actual cover… But we’ll see!


2 thoughts on “”

  1. I like it so far. Very funny and intriguing. I want to see where you go with it. And the beauty of a six week story is with great editing you could have a best seller on your hands if the story is good. And if you have a lot of those good stories lined up, perhaps as a series, you could gave a very productive year.

    To 2013,

    James Fant

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying it!
      I would love to do a whole series, I’ve only managed stand alones so far, but I’ve managed to release three of those this year, maybe next year I can try and best that!

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