Book recommendations from Carrie

Let me introduce to you, Carrie (aka ItsWayPastMyBedtime) she’s a YouTuber who does a lot of talk about books on her channel, in fact I think back in October (when I was ignoring this blog’s existence) she started a project called The October Club which had an incentive to read a book a week in October where her subscribers could read along with her and then chose the final book of the challenge. Anyway, this is one of her first videos, which for some reason was re featured to me when I logged in the other day, and as she talks about book recommendations in it, I thought I’d feature it here and do some commenting!

The books featured are:
Green Angel – Alice Hoffman
The Doomspell By Cliff Mcnish
The Five People you meet in heaven – Mitch Albom
An Offer you can’t refuse – Jill Mansell
Happy Ever After – Adele Geras
The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
The Eternal Ones – Kirsten Miller
Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern
Grow Up – Ben Brooks
One Day – David Nicholls.

Now, I’ve not read all of these but! I can tell you about a couple of them that I have had the pleasure to read and would love to recommend further.
Basically, if you haven’t read The Book Thief then you really haven’t lived, like at all. I was given it as part of World Book Day 2012 and I was having a bit of a lull in my reading where I just couldn’t be bothered to find anything new and kept coming back to things I had read before. The Book Thief was one of those books that makes reading worth while and made me fall in love with words all over again.
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was a book that I picked up for like £3 in Tesco one time and I am so glad that I did, it’s seriously magical and really draws you into this fantastical world within a circus which isn’t quite as it seems.
Happy Ever After by Adele Geras was quite good, it’s three fairy stories modernised and then told in three parts, I thought it was a bit slow to start with but once you got to page 70 it was awesome.
Grow Up by Ben Brooks is another that I read this year, I don’t rate it quite as high as Carrie did in her video, but I did enjoy it, as she said it’s about experimenting and was quite funny in places but to me it didn’t do anything that other books about growing up hadn’t done. But, considering that Ben Brooks isn’t even twenty yet and has like several published books, kudos to him. Also, there is a great line in this novel: I am Holden Caulfield only less reckless and more attractive which I adore and quote whenever I can.
One Day. Eurgh, that book. I read it as part of my 52 books challenge back last year and I gave it to both my mum and one of my work colleagues to read as well, all three of us loved it so hard it was a bit unreal. One Day is pretty much perfection in book form, if such a thing exists.

Also – 5 people you meet in heaven has been on my to read list forever, so I really need to get around to sorting that out!


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