leah's stupid life, The Nick Fury Seal

The Nick Fury Seal of Approval

I’ve decided that I want to do something ridiculously cheesy. I hate cheese (no really, I cannot stand cheese and the only person who understands my pain is Phil) but the rest of the world seems to love cheese. Do you know how difficult it is being a vegetarian with a dislike of cheese?

Anyway, I’m going to be a bit cheesy. Now that I’ve actually started using this blog properly, I’ve decided I need a gimmick for when I think a book is really good and that gimmick is this:


This is the Nick Fury seal. He’s a one eyed soft toy I rescued from the great shop move back when I was a shop girl, he was going to be thrown away on the account that you’re not supposed to sell toys that have lost an eye to small children. Instead I decided to take him home, give him an eye patch and let him live on my bedroom floor in front of my massive over flow pile of books that no longer fit on the shelf.
From this day forth, if I read a book that I really like and what to share with everyone, I’ll post a review that ends with the Nick Fury Seal so you know that it’s very highly recommended.
Hence the cheese (it gets a seal of approval. An actual seal. Yep.)


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