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Kindle Covers

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’ve had a kindle for about a year or so now and I kinda love the idea of having a whole library in my pocket, and really until I can afford to have my own house with a room or two wholly dedicated to books, having a kindle is really rather handy. It also comes in useful when you’re reading something people might judge you for (cough, fifty shades, cough) and you don’t want anyone to know.

Another thing I really love about the kindle, is like a phone, you can customise them with a variety of covers and cases. Now, my kindle, Blaine, has to put up with a blue silicon case thing, which at one point was adorned with stickers but unfortunately, bags and stickers don’t mix and all of those fell off. My mum got a kindle fire complete with pretty case for Christmas and now I’m super jealous and want a pretty case for my kindle…. So I’ve been doing some searching.

If like me you can’t afford to make your kindle look fancy but like looking at pretty cases anyway, here’s a couple of my favourites:

I moustache you a question, never mind, I’ll shave it for later, I moustache…
That is the only joke I can tell, and as such, this would be the perfect kindle case for me. This chap is available on Etsy, so it really is a rarity that you’ll stumble across someone else with the same case. I kind of love it. But, the thrifty so and so that I am kind of refuses to splash out $14 on a case, when the one Blaine wears currently cost me £3.00.

Also found on Etsy was this:



Could there be a more perfect cover for your kindle? It, like the TARDIS, is bigger on the inside!
These are available for all kindle generations, so if you have a newer one and enjoy any of these then do not fret!

Moving away from sticker covers and into the realm of cases, I’m kind of a little bit in love with these:


Classic novel covers are now available for the kindle! The raging hipster inside me is incredibly excited, there are also a range of Shakespeare play covers for the newer editions of the kindle and the kobo e readers. Its these that I’m a little tempted by… I’m hoping they’ll release a cover for a novel that I absolutely must own so that I can justify the price of them. Something like say…. These ones…



I think I might actually, physically be in love with the Gatsby and the Great Expectation covers. Unfortunately for me, these are Kate Spade New York covers and aren’t available in the UK and cost nearly more than my actual kindle did!
If I ever win the lottery, I might fly to New York with the soul intent of buying that Gatsby kindle cover, then I can read said book on the flight home…

Unfortunately, it looks like my dear old kindle will remain pretty caseless unless Amazon decide to do a sale over the new year!

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