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Hey, remember when I posted about kindle covers?

So, after my mum got her kindle fire complete with pretty case I had a major case of Kindle case envy. So, as you all saw I went on a bit of a trek across the internet looking for pretty cases for my kindle…. I have since noticed that amazon no longer sell the kindle keyboard model that I have and so cases are either scarce or pricey, however I did manage to find a plain leather case complete with a reading light for the meagre price of £1.99 and as I was feeling particularly arty, thought I’d have a go at creating a kindle case for myself.



I used to have owls stuck over my kindle when it lived in a silicone case, but they didn’t stick very well, I’m hoping that was down to the material of the case because I’m sticking a lot of them on this one.

tumblr_mfsko48ghS1qa4ynho1_500And here’s the almost finished result. I’m currently on the look out for some alphabet stickers so I can get some of my favourite quotes on there but for now I quite like my kindle’s new look and now that I’ve seen two other people with the same case as my mum’s I’m nowhere near as jealous of hers!



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