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Adorkable – Sarra Manning.

I’ve done it again.
I’ve hired a book based on the attractiveness of the cover.


So, Adorkable: Jeane Smith’s a blogger, a dreamer, a jumble sale queen, CEO of her own lifestyle brand, and has half a million followers on Twitter. Michael Lee’s a star of school, stage, and playing field. A golden boy in a Jack Wills hoodie. They have nothing in common but a pair of cheating exes. So why can’t they stop making out? This novel is about an unlikely relationship, but it’s also about roller derby, dogs on skateboards, dogs on surfboards, dogs doing any form of extreme sport, old skool hip hop, riding your bike downhill really fast, riot grrrl, those boys you want to kiss but punch in the face at the same time, dyeing your hair ridiculous colours just because you can, stitch ‘n’ bitch, the songs that make you dance, the songs that make you cry, being a bad ass, cake, love, death, and everything in between.

I picked this up mostly because I found the girl on the cover pleasing to look at. Then I took in the title – Adorkable. A word that has been used to describe me on more than one occasion. Then I read the blurb – a story about a reclusive blogger who starts making out with a hot boy?!


Well, except the part about making out with a boy, hot or otherwise. My general lack of allure seems to have made that a no go area with me. But even so, I thought that this, this was a book I could really get into. Sigh.
I just found it a bit… Meh.
Here is a list of the problems I had with this book:
So, Jeane is a 17 year old girl who is internet famous and has no school friends at all to speak of but does somehow manage to have a boyfriend at the beginning? Does not compute.
I’m thinking that if you’ve got nearly a million twitter followers you have to have something magnetic about you, so why doesn’t she have any friends? And if she has no friends, then how did she get it together with Barney? And, right, if you are internet famous and get invited to write for trendy magazines and wind up on TV and get to hang out with famous people and are talked about in The Guardian etc, why does no one at school think that’s a bit cool? Like, even if she didn’t have friends, she should have some hangers on who just want to be involved in the fame stuff right?
And, going back to the twitter thing, how did she not know that Michael Lee (the aforementioned hot boy) was the elusive @winsomedimsum? Your name is on your profile! Like, why would you have a twitter and not have a profile picture/ your name on there?! And if you have as many twitter followers as Jeane does, how on earth do you manage to find tweets by that one person listed in your mentions? Like, I have just over 300 people reading my nerdy comments and I miss mentions etc, how is it even possible?!
There are lots of horrible text message moments too which are ridiculously hard to read because thv bn wrttn lk ths n i rly h8 tht. There are examples of Jeane texting Michael where she texts like that too and I’m like ewwww. She’s a blogger, there is no way she would commit such a heinous crime. I’m on Tumblr, trust me, I know.
And right! This idea of just accidentally ending up kissing someone multiple times is beyond me. I’ve never accidentally kissed anyone, is it even possible?! How do you kiss someone you don’t even speak to?! I just…

darren doesnt know

So, as you can imagine, I was a little annoyed with this. You might even be thinking to yourself, just come out and say it, Leah, you really hated this didn’t you. Well. No, actually.
The chapters alternated between Jeane and Michael’s narration, which I actually really liked because each event got two different perspectives.
Jeane was easily the most dislikeable person ever, she was basically an obnoxious, pretentious hipster of the worst kind. But as the story progressed I started to actually like her, and Michael, well, I thought he was pretty cool, I enjoyed his narrations and even though he was pretty much everything Jeane hated to start off with, he was alright as characters go and I enjoyed his narratives. Out of nowhere, it started getting really addictive. Around about chapter 14 I found myself getting drawn in and thinking, this really isn’t that bad a book. Like, if you ignore the niggles of the twitter and the internet famous thing, it’s actually alright. And the whole kissing thing, just because it doesn’t happen to me doesn’t mean that it isn’t plausible, right?

There was a great analogy used to describe sexuality included in there too: “Well, see, it’s like, I really like Haribo but then occasionally I’ll be in the newsy’s and think, hmm, maybe I could fancy some Malteasers for a change. So I have the Malteasers and they’re alright but they don’t really hit the spot and I couldn’t have them everyday like Haribo.”
As basic as it is, I quite like it as a way to describe fluidity within sexuality. And well… Jeane and I have a liking of confectionery in common.
Anyway, after a shaky start I did actually get really engrossed in this book, so if you’re looking for a in between books type read or a I’m going away and want to relax with something I can just wash over me with type read, then this is exactly the sort of thing you can rely on.


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