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Things on my kindle (v1)

I’m titling this volume one because I’m assuming that there will be many, many more of these to come.
Since filling up my bookshelf to the point where I now have book towers litering my floor I have started using my kindle more and more, and since my home town currently looks like this:


I figured I should up date my kindle because heaven knows how long I’m going to be stuck inside for.
For Christmas my brother (who is awesome) gifted me a very large kindle gift card and I finally started chipping into it by getting the following books:

10798416 ThirteenReasonsWhy david-levithans-every-day-is-out-today-L-V_uINH 9781862304871-109ihcc 15789823


I’m excited to read these, especially Every Day because David Levithan has yet to write something that I don’t like. Also, having recently heard that the daily mail dislikes both Before I die and 13 Reasons Why I have a more than healthy urge to read both of them. If the Daily Mail hates it, I’m probably going to love it. I ended up getting the Struck by Lightening novel because I loved the film, however, I didn’t think all that much of Colfer’s last book (The Wishing Spell) so we’ll see how this one goes!


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