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Things what I read (January)

I usually manage about a book a week but I read LOADS in January, so here’s a list of everything that I managed to fit into four weeks!

Speechless – Hannah Harrington
Which I reviewed here… But if you don’t want to read that, let’s just say I quite liked it and it reminded me of Mean Girls. Like a lot. It’s not perfect but it’s fun YA fare nonetheless.

Wonderland – David Matthew-Barnes
A review of which is coming soon because it was an ARC and I don’t want to give it all away now…

Harley’s Angels – (technically, this was a re read because I wrote it…) Leah Smith (yes, me.)
Can I say I read my own book? I feel like a douchebag reading and talking about things that I’ve written. Its ok to read something you wrote though, yes? I didn’t re read it so I could revel in my genius or anything. Technically I had to reread it to make sure the formatting was right for the upcoming paper back release. Yes. Paperback release. I am excited. In the mean time, you can get the ebook here. It’s free and everything.

Adorkable – Sara Manning
Reviewed here. Again, it was alright but it’s not something I am begging everyone to go out on mass and find. It was another case of me being sucked in because of the pretty cover.

The Madness Underneath – Maureen Johnson
The second Shades of London book. OH MY GALLIFREY. There is a review coming soon, I can’t talk about it yet. Just Ahhhhhhh.

The Book of Blood and Shadow – Robin Wasserman
I reviewed that here. It’s well good. You should read it. Like seriously, what are you still doing here? Go now!

Sugar Rush – Julie Burchill
I was gonna review it. Then I couldn’t be bothered because it didn’t make me feel strongly enough either way to even sort my thoughts out, plus, I thought it might bring some Julie Burchill haters (especially after her recent printed faux pas) my way which is not to be encouraged. Which is a shame because I’d wanted to read it forever. I still hold out hope that one day I will find some LGBT fiction that doesn’t leave me unsatisfied. Also, my copy had a little sticker on the front warning of explicit content, where was my explicit content?! Did I have a chapter missing or something?

Mrs Dalloway – Virginia Woolf
Well, technically, I am like fifty pages from the end…I probably will review, just to prove that I don’t just read angsty YA stuff.
What sort of thing should I be reading in February, I have no plans so let me know!


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