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Help, I am a book addict and I need rehabilitation.



I bought lots of books today.
In my defence they were all very cheap and were a mixture from either The Works which is possibly the best shop ever and the library which is having a massive sale at the moment.

Here’s all the titles I ended up with:
The Book of Lost Things – John Connelly
Death’s Daughter – Amber Benson (as in Tara from Buffy which excites me immensely and is genuinely the only reason this was bought.)
The Jane Austen Book Club – Karen Jay Fowler
The Reader – Bernard Schlink
The Iron King – Julie Kawaga (I’m told by the sticker on the cover that this is the new Twilight… I guess we shall see.)
Who Needs Mr Darcy – Jean Burner (The story of Lydia Bennett, who as we all know from LBD on YouTube is the best sister ever.)
Jeeves and Wooster – PG Wodehouse (this is a collection of three of the stories. I am excited.)
The Pissed of Parents Club – Mink Elliot

I am never going to get around to reading any of these.  The Book of Lost Things might be my favourite, the cover is beautiful. Although… I have a habit of getting books based on how pretty they look!


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