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The Madness Underneath


Shades of London 2: The Madness Underneath – Maureen Johnson.

I really enjoyed The Name of The Star, I’m a huge history nerd so I loved all the Jack the Ripper stuff and being an ex Londoner I love reading books about my old stomping ground. Plus, Rory’s parents live in Bristol, which is near my current stomping ground. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’m very lazy and I absolutely love it when books are set places I know well. It means less visualisation on my part! I remember that The Name of the Star was the book I happened to be reading at the time when I was doing loads of night shifts in my old job. I was super freaked out the entire time but in a good way. Anyway, because of this, Shades of London 2 was one of my most anticipated books of 2013 so I immediately requested it when I found it listed at NetGalley. Here’s how does the story continues:

When madness stalks the streets of London, no one is safe…

There’s a creepy new terror haunting modern-day London. Fresh from defeating a Jack the Ripper killer, Rory must put her new-found hunting skills to the test before all hell breaks loose…

When I worked out what the title meant I was instantly alert to the amazing possibility of where the story would go – seriously history FASCINATES me, especially the kind of history woven into this book. It was what I loved so much about the first one, I am told that the actual release is a little different, so this may not be the case, but I found that there wasn’t quite as much actual ghostly activity as there had been first time around in my copy. Speaking of the release copy being slightly different, I had one other little niggle and that is that you think the book is about one thing, and then towards the end, the plot switches to something completely different and much, much bigger which left me like WOAH and also wondering whether the flow of the two halves of the book would be neater in the actual release. But, those two things were the only flaws I found, so that’s really good going. I will of course be getting one as soon as it’s out to compare and contrast, but when that’s the only things you have to comment on, you can just let it go.
Rory’s latest adventure is incredibly well done, I know I’m saying that as an MJ fan but the careful alliance of her ordinary teenage girl problems and her “I can see ghosts and if I touch them they explode” problems were wonderfully crafted.
And the ending! OH MY ACTUAL GOD. That ending! Guys…. I can’t even. I am unable to even, kudos, MJ, kudos.
An accurate visual representation of me when I came to the last page of the book can be seen below:

This is an amazing follow up to The Name of The Star, every bit as enthralling, completely captivating and richly satisfying in the sense of building suspense. If this is anything to go by, book three will be epic.

Of course, I can’t review this without giving it the seal of approval, so here he is in all his seal glory.


In other, slightly unrelated Maureen Johnson news, another of her books which I read and enjoyed, The Bermudez Triangle has now got a new name and a new cover. I’m only mentioning this because I totally thought that On The Count of Three was an entirely new book altogether. But it isn’t. I’m not completely sure why it has a new name and a new cover but this:


and this:
bermudez triangle
(also including this one because it’s the one I have.)

are actually the same book. I do like the new cover though so that’s a thing.

3 thoughts on “The Madness Underneath”

  1. Thanks, I’, glad you liked it! I enjoyed your correct use of figuratively! Book three is going to be amazing, I hope we don’t have to wait too long for it!

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