News and other such things.

Today I come to you dear readers with a plea, I know we don’t know each other very well, I know that you know, we’re all just people sat at computers who like reading and stuff, but I kinda like to think that we’re friends… Right?

Even if we’re not friends, you like books right?
And you’re on goodreads yeah?
Well, me too!
I’ve just become a goodreads author, my book Harley’s Angels is out in a couple of months and I kinda a little bit would like people to read it, so would you be so kind, if you you have the time, to add my book to your shelves? It would mean a lot to me if you did, the link to the book’s page is here Β and my author profile is here (you know just in case you’re super nice and feel like friending me while you’re there.) I know there isn’t a cover for the book yet, that’s because it’s still being designed, but I have every faith that it is going to look awesome and I’ll get stupidly excited when I see it and do a massive cover reveal that no one will care about because I’m not John Green.
If anyone is interested in reviewing an egalley they can let me know and I can sort one out for you.

EVERY LITTLE HELPS as they say at Tesco.
Thank you in advance!



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