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In My Mailbox, part two

in-my-mailbox (1)

Ooooh look! I’m taking part in the mailbox thing again!
I’ve noticed that everyone else has been using the above graphic for this… So I thought I better as well!
I don’t often get to take part in this feature, the last time I did can be seen here. In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren, join in and link up!

This week I have one new actual physical book and a load of e galleys to review, so let’s take a look at them!

Books Bought:


The Clockwork Princess – Cassandra Clare
I have been waiting for the final installment of the Infernal Devices for what feels like an eternity! Now I finally get to see if Jessa, Wessa or neither happens!

Gone – Michael Grant
I know nothing about this, only that there were vouchers in The Sun so you could get a copy in W H Smith’s for 99p and well, cheap books isn’t something I ever turn down.

E galleys for review:


Chaplin and Company – Mave Fellows
I’m a massive fan of Charlie Chaplin so I can’t wait to read this!

Icons – Margaret Stohl.
Yeah, I hated Beautiful Creatures, but I met Margaret at Leaky Con last year and I want to give her another try! I’m not so sure if I’ll actually get to read this though, the file sent to me by NetGalley is a bit peculiar but we shall see!

The Book of Secrets – Elizabeth Joy Arnold.
I chose this because I have a half finished manuscript that I’ve written sat in my room called the book of secrets. This sounds nothing like what I wrote though so I’m intrigued to see what sort of secrets this book holds!

Twerp – Mark Godblatt
I was auto selected for this at netgalley so I’m both intrigued and excited by what it holds. I’m told it’s a bit like Wonder which I loved so I look forward to reading it!


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