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Thirty Day Blog Challenge

I started this blog back in 2011 to document my 52 books challenge. Initially, it was a place where I could keep track of what I’d read and link back to should I need to. Not that anyone ever would want to see those posts, the reviews I did for those 52 books were appalling. I think it was due to me forcing myself back into reading after being too swamped to read at uni.

This blog fell into disrepair in the early parts of 2012 and the things I posted if anything weren’t particularly worth reading. Even now I’m not posting as much as I would like, hence in April I’ll be attempting to post something every day.
I came across a thirty day blog challenge over on tumblr, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Throughout April, I’ll be attempting one post a day based on the criteria listed here:

  1. Your 10 favorite books of all time.
  2. Your 5 least favorite books of all time.
  3. Your favorite characters and which books they’re from.
  4. Characters you hate and which books they’re from.
  5. If you were stranded on a desert island, what five books would you take with you? Include one reason for each.
  6. The best book you’ve read in the last year.
  7. The worst book you’ve read in the last year.
  8. Your favorite quotes from books.
  9. Your favorite quotes about books.
  10. Name five absolutely great film adaptations of books.
  11. Name three absolutely awful film adaptations of books.
  12. Your favorite authors.
  13. Your favorite book from childhood
  14. A book you regret not having read sooner
  15. A book you haven’t read but is on your “will read” list.
  16. A book you haven’t read and have no intention of ever reading,.
  17. A book you want to like, but can’t get into for whatever reason. Why can’t you get into it?
  18. A book that you think is highly overrated.
  19. A book that you think is woefully underrated
  20. The environment you most enjoy reading in
  21. The most disturbing book you’ve ever read
  22. A book you once loved, but don’t anymore. What changed?
  23. A book you once hated, but now love. What changed?
  24. Your favorite series
  25. The nerdiest book you’ve ever read.
  26. Your favorite type of nonfiction book
  27. Your favorite genre
  28. The first book you can remember reading on your own
  29. An author you wish was more well-known
  30. The book you’re reading right now.

The link to the original post can  be found here.
Lets see how well I do with this and let’s hope you don’t get bored with me appearing every day.

So, basically, for the whole of April, I’ll be posting an answer to each of the above questions, plus reviews, hauls and any other randomness that pops into my head.

You lucky people you.


5 thoughts on “Thirty Day Blog Challenge”

  1. This sounds like a great idea, I might give it a go next month, I need to have a think about some of them and try and come up with some more examples, I probably shouldn’t keep reusing the same book over and over right?!

    1. Thanks! I thought it would make me think more about what I was posting and even though I’m only 6 days in it’s already proving difficult, I’m getting paranoid about talking about the same books over and over again! I’d be intrigued to see other people’s answers to the questions though so please do it!

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